Woodland Kids

Students building with fallen branches Since 2016, LTIS has a unique recess activity called Woodland Kids where students are able to build structures with natural resources. The Woodland Kids play area is on school property right above the sliding hill and the area is cordoned off with a rope. This area is supervised at every recess and students must stay within these boundaries. Students often build structures such as small forts, teepees and lean-tos. This is an excellent activity for kids who like to build with their friends.  In order to gather more resources, students are regularly allowed to forage in the treed area to gather deadfall, twigs and branches for their structures. Foraging is also a supervised activity. Some students have set up trading posts to barter for resources. A piece of birch bark apparently trades for a sturdy, long stick. Some groups of students have joined forces to build fairly complicated structures and have also set up their own play areas. We encourage all of these activities as it develops social skills and it helps kids to live and to learn together. On any given day you will see 20-50 students at Woodland Kids.

As with any activity, conflict sometimes arises. In Woodland Kids, students are encouraged to work out the conflict themselves and are sometimes guided in this by the adult supervisor. If no solution can be reached by the students, then it can be brought to the supervisor for further discussion. Part of the success of Woodland Kids is the problem solving component: kids have to use their social skills to work together to troubleshoot any problems. Woodland Kids also has a Woodland Kids council to help resolve more serious problems should any arise. The council consists of three students from Woodland Kids chosen by their peers, the principal, and the school counselor.  The principal and the counselor are there to guide the discussion and offer suggestions for a successful resolution to problems. Last year the Woodland Kids council met twice and successfully resolved both issues.

If ever you are at the school, feel free to have a look at our Woodland Kids play area.
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