Math Support for the Home






Dear LTIS Parent/Caregiver,

We discuss numeracy and its challenges quite a bit at LTIS. We also frequently field questions from parents asking how they can help their child at home with their math learning. From a learning standpoint, we can probably all agree that math skills are important in life. Being able to do basic calculations is a fundamental life skill. Problem solving at a higher level is also necessary for deeper learning. We are happy to let you know that we have purchased two web based programs for students to use that can help in these two areas. Both of these programs can be used at home or wherever you have internet access. Both programs record your child’s progress and each program generates a diagnostic record that will then recommend skills and problems that will challenge your child at the appropriate level.

The first program is called Reflex Math which deals with math basics. If your child has gaps in basic calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) or just needs more practice to improve in the automaticity of the calculations (arriving at the answer in a timely fashion), then this is a great program to use.

The second program is called IXL which is aligned very closely to the Alberta math curriculum. This program has unlimited questions on the exact math learner outcomes. These questions are more complex, often involving more than one step to arrive a t the solution.  IXL has an excellent diagnostic tool (user-friendly too) that will personalize questions for your child. The questions are very well laid out and very engaging.

Teachers have already introduced their students to these programs and the interest it is generating is high. Each LTIS student has an account set up for these programs and we recommend that you use these programs several times a week. If you have any questions, please call us at the school.


Joe MacIsaac

Shona Hunter

Landing Trail Intermediate School

Athabasca, AB