Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Dear Parent/Caregiver and School Community Member,

Well, we’ve snuck into October and we hope our farming families will be able to successfully harvest all of their crops. By now student routines are established and you should have a good idea as to what goes on in your child’s classroom with the regular emails you receive from your child’s homeroom teacher.

During our last staff professional work day, we worked on improving teaching practices. This is arguably the most important work we do as this improves the learning experience for your child. We have been working on what direct instruction should look like and how to go to deeper learning after the direct instruction is complete. This takes thoughtful preparation and collaboration. We will continue along these lines when we have our next professional work day October 11.

In the upcoming weeks, we have a number of interesting events/activities that are happening at LTIS. Probably the most significant for the students is our Flying High Student Conference which happens October 10. I’m sure your child has brought home the paperwork to be signed. During this day, students will participate in four sessions that are not typically offered in a classroom setting. The activities vary from fine arts, to athletic to general interest. Most of our presenters are local, but some come from far away (see our Chinese dough art session with presenters from China). This has been a long standing tradition at LTIS and it doesn’t get old.

Here are some other significant dates:

  • Aspen View Cross Country running Championships – October 2
  • Flying High – October 10
  • Perogy fundraising due October 15
  • Parent – Teacher Interviews October 22 & 24 from 4-7 PM



Joe MacIsaac, Principal

Shona Hunter, Assistant Principal