January 13th Update

Monday, January 13, 2020


Dear LTIS Parent/Caregiver,

Just like taxes, we can’t seem to avoid a January cold snap. Welcome to the first cold snap of 2020; expect some indoor recesses. You may be interested to know what happens at the school during an inside recess. Most teachers have board games in their classrooms that students are eager to play (it’s interesting to see how excited kids get to do an old school board game). Some students are reading, some are socializing, some draw, some play cards, some are building circuits from kits, some are making structures with Lego or Kinex, some are playing in our house league games in the gym and some are in the music room.

We had an assembly this morning where students were recognized for learner attributes such as focusing in class, editing work before handing it in and for troubleshooting problems. There was also recognition for positive behaviours and for selfless acts.

We also mentioned some intellectual opportunities that kids can be involved in at LTIS:

  • Chess club happens every Monday during recess
  • The LTIS Science Fair will happen in April (more info to follow)

Next week, January 21, we have our school council meeting at 6:30 PM in the art room and we also have the LTIS Fundraising committee meeting at 5:15 in the art room.  Feel free to attend either or both of the meetings. For now, stay warm!


Joe MacIsaac, Principal

Shona Hunter, Assistant Principal