Student Code of Conduct Policy

Student Code of Conduct
Student Code Of Conduct

LTIS Student Code of Conduct - Student Version

As a student at Landing Trail Intermediate School:

  • I will be responsible for my learning
  • I will be respectful of others and myself
  • I will help and serve others
  • I will do my best to create a climate of respect
  • I will work and play in a cooperative way
  • I will behave in a safe way
  • I will make the healthy (and right) choice

In the CLASSROOM I will:

  • Listen quietly when the staff or another student is talking.
  • Raise my hand and wait patiently when I want to speak.
  • Not touch things that don't belong to me.
  • Hand in my completed homework on time.
  • Also do all of these things when I have a substitute teacher.

At RECESS I will:

  • Play respectfully on the school grounds and when using school equipment, and take turns using the equipment.
  • Always stay on the school grounds.
  • Play safe games and not hurt anyone.
  • Speak politely to the other children and follow the rules.

At LUNCH or SNACK time I will:

  • Eat my food and will not play with it or throw it.
  • Stay in my seat and ask for permission if I need to leave the room.
  • Respect the different kinds of food others eat.
  • Wait patiently and quietly in line when buying or waiting for a lunch.
  • Talk in a quiet voice and do what the staff and volunteers ask of me.

On the BUS I will:

  • Wait patiently to load on the bus
  • Stay in my seat and keep my hands and feet out of the aisle
  • Remain calm, use a quiet voice, and be patient while getting on and off the bus

Here are some ways I will know I am giving respect. I am:

  • Being kind to others and am speaking in a calm voice.
  • Using polite words like "thank you," "please," and "you're welcome".
  • Cooperating with students and teachers.
  • Being helpful and treating others the way I hope they will treat me.

Here are some ways I will know I am getting respect. Others are:

  • Saying nice things, being kind and are including me.
  • Speaking to me in a calm voice.
  • Helping me when I need help.
  • Quiet when we are doing work.

Here are some actions I can take at school when I am having problems with another

student. I can:

  • Speak in a calm voice and talk to the student about the problem.
  • Speak to the Conflict Management at recess if we can't solve the problem.
  • Speak to the guidance counselor if we couldn't solve the problem with the Conflict Management Team.

Here are some actions I can take at school when I am being hurt, I see someone else being hurt, or I see property being destroyed. I can:

  • Seek help from an adult such as my teacher, an aide, the guidance counselor or the principal.
  • Seek help from another adult if I am still upset.

One or more of the following consequences may occur if I don't follow this code of conduct. I may:

  • Receive a verbal (spoken) warning.
  • Have a time out during recess.
  • Be required to write about what I have done and what I could have done instead.
  • Have privileges taken away.
  • Have a note sent home to my parents/guardians to be signed and returned.
  • Have to phone home in the presence of my teacher or the principal.
  • Have my parents/guardians called into school for a meeting about my behaviour.

If my misbehaviour is very serious, one of the following consequences may occur. I may:

  • Have detention during recess for one or more days.
  • Be given an in-school suspension.
  • Be given an out of school suspension.
  • Be given an expulsion

N.B. A meeting with my parents may be required before I can return to class

Here are some examples of very serious misbehaviour:

  • Defiance (deliberately not doing what is asked)
  • Physically harming or harassing another student
  • Foul (bad) or abusive (hurtful) language or gestures
  • Insolence toward an adult (being disrespectful with your words or actions)
  • Any form of bullying
  • Vandalism (destroying of school or personal property)
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